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Kinky Star Record Releases

HEISA - S/T digital


Releasedatum: 28.03.2018


YOUFF - Et Cetera digital

YOUFF - Et Cetera

Releasedatum: 23.03.2018

"Et Cetera" Is Our Fourth Release And First Full LP, It’s Recorded In The Summer Of 2016. This Record Is A Snapshot Of Spending A Week With Kasper De Sutter And Michiel De Naegel In The Barack. Based On Sketches And Ideas By Youff And Completed By The Collaboration With Michiel And Kasper "Et Cetera" Depicts An Eclectic Work Of Spontaneous Energy And The Art Of Improvisation. These Songs Are Based On The Idea That Making The Same Mistake Four Times In A Row Could Be Comprehended As A Concious Decision.

YOUFF - SPIT EP digital


Releasedatum: 20.11.2017

A Bass and Drum Two-piece running idle on frustration, focused on intense distorted noise with a hardcore punk attitude. Channeling negative energy into a visceral beating. Go see them live.

While waiting for the release of their debut LP, Youff taped an eight minute EP. With ‘SPIT’ the band reflects on frustration and the anxiety of getting comfortable, as well as their early musical influences. For the sake of closure, they molted into a noisey hardcore / metal band. They strongly recommend to play it on a decent system and listen to it as a whole.

Zool. - Bombykol digital

Zool. - Bombykol

Releasedatum: 01.11.2017

‘Bombykol’, the fourth album by Zool. (aka Gerry Vergult) will be released on november 1st 2017. The album consists of nine instrumental compositions, in which Vergult’s guitars are taking the lead. So the trend he started on his previous album ‘Ballroom Blitz’ has been extended to the max. Hence, this album is the most vibrant in Zool.’s discography until now.

MOAR - Future Furby digital

MOAR - Future Furby

Releasedatum: 20.10.2017


Roda Lits - Roda Lits EP digital

Roda Lits - Roda Lits EP

Releasedatum: 18.10.2017

Fuzzy Garage Rock ’n roll with a touch of psychedelica from Antwerp, Belgium.

Roda Lits are a heavy garage, proto-any and everything, fuzzed out rock ‘n roll band formed in Antwerpen mid 2015.

Wagonman - Wagonman Met Blaastaal Again digital

Wagonman - Wagonman Met Blaastaal Again

Releasedatum: 01.09.2017

"Wagonman Met Blaastaal Again" is the next cassette tape - digital release of Wagonman with writer, poetry and paint artist Bert "Blaastaal" Lezy. Just as their former release "Wagonman Meets Blaastaal", also this time all is recoreded live during a "Blaastaal" session at Radio Centraal March 1st 2017. The ultimate symbiosis of experimental electro, noise collision and texts (Dutch language lessons, old tv series conversations, cooking poetry, etc….) Sometimes still absurd but with tracks as "Beste Burgemeester" and "Kut Peeters" the magic of Flemish news snippets becomes the most clever and humoristic way of critizing the politics today.

Absurd sound collages with samples, text, electronics, dark wave style and brushed madness!

mixed & mastered by Wagonman & Peter DB sleeve cassette design by Bert Lezy



Releasedatum: 19.06.2017

P I L O O T Instant composing in search for a trance-like feeling trough repetitive motives, drones and ecstatic chaos.

« TThis trio is probably the best possibility to experiencethe pinnacle of improv-free-rock-kraut-jazz that a combo like CAN sublimely offered its audience in the 70’ s» Rodolphe Coster

O'Grady - O'Grady EP digital

O'Grady - O'Grady EP

Releasedatum: 16.03.2017

Three Garage Fuzz tracks to shake your booty on and one candy track for the more sticky people in this world! Recorded in the winter of 2016 on one cold afternoon in an abandoned house.

Recorded/mixed by Rafael Valles Hilario on a cassette 8-track in Tooth Mountain Studio Mastered by Tim De Gieter at Much Luv studio.

RRAOUHHH! - C'est Louche! digital

RRAOUHHH! - C'est Louche!

Releasedatum: 01.02.2017

666 La Chasse / La Face Cachée / Kinky Star Records …

C’est Louche ! is the brand new release of the brussels based band RRAOUHHH! They play Electro Synth Sludge Wave. C’est Louche was recorded in Metz by RRAOUHHH! Dance Music by analog and old electro-acoustic keyboards, Fuzzy on amps, 120 BPM with lyrics.

This second opus leave some of the Psychedelic beats and delays from the first recording for more heavy sounds, cranky guitars feelings, Sludge and Groovy…

Dead High Wire - Satellite State Brain Drain digital

Dead High Wire - Satellite State Brain Drain

Releasedatum: 15.10.2016

This brand new DHW release contains 4 tracks recorded early 2016 in two different studios. The Germans and Defectors were recorded at Studio Jezus and the band will also release them on 7" vinyl soon. These songs reverberate for quite some time, and this has its consequences. Garage, new wave and postpunk, pulverized into raw, edgy, somewhat uneasy grooves: The Germans might be an ode or even a wink to bands like Devo. The postpunk track Defectors flirts with an anxious bass and bloodcurdling guitars. The other two songs on Satellite State Brain Drain were recorded at Studio Dhadha in Antwerp after the sound engineer there saw the band live in his bar. For The Grey Zone and Chains the threesome chose a live vibe. Chains is a hypnotic tightrope walk - think Goat. The Grey Zone has a deeper punk feel to it with guitar & drum sparks of gloomy postrock pieces. It’s the most punkrock song of Satellite State Brain Drain.

Dead High Wire - Endless discussions bore me to death digital

Dead High Wire - Endless discussions bore me to death

Releasedatum: 06.09.2016

Endless discussions bore me to death is a dark yet bright EP with which DHW shows its eclectic taste for lo-fi music. The Cabin has a more poppy yet overwhelmingly garage feel, devoted to the great garage revolution with bands as Reigning Sound, The Black Lips, Ty Segall, Jay Reatard, … While Dark passenger adds some surfy vibes to that sound, bands as the Growlers in mind. Black Widow is the band’s hommage to bands like Suicide. Metropolitan might stand out a bit from the rest as it tends to have a more noisy rock feel to it, however it illustrates the band’s love of long bits of guitar fuzz and noise as it end quite dramatically. The two bonus tracks are different version of two of the A-side tracks: the cabin is an alternate take and Exit Metropolitan is a remix calling for some Fuck Buttons influence.



Releasedatum: 31.05.2016

MOAR crawled out of the muddy gorillapancake of a one-man garagepunk recording project. In the cold (but kinky) winter of 2015 they’ve formed a live band and cleaned up their toilet with a deserted chicken of wich we’ll never know it’s second name. They recorded their debut album on a crappy cassette 8-track. This was first released on Belly Button Records on cassette. Sometimes we watch TV…

Eight LO to the FI reverberating future-fuzz songs about horses, cake, wizzards, our deepest feelings… Total runtime: less than you can say "Marry Poppins has a nice AND friendly lemon in her right hand"

RRAOUHHH! - Relax digital


Releasedatum: 01.05.2016

Rraouhhh! fears nothing. Just the fact of opting for an onomatopoeia at baptism shows that the pair is driven by primal scream syndrome and the expression of the deepest feelings. Rraouhhh! they said, screaming to the world their love of life and boorish radical that transform an innocent Italian ice unstoppable anthem martial devil, rich in sulfur and industrial debauchery …

RRAOUHHH is sophie M & M arno

industrial synth dance punk wave electro

"Relax" is a more decisive than ever album, opting for the flow of a sermon on, passing the rigors of erotic uniform incentives with an energy that can only arouse respect while submission."

Duane Serah - Duane Serah digital

Duane Serah - Duane Serah

Releasedatum: 01.05.2016

Duane Serah is a prophetic project derivative splendor underlines its scratched angles. By doing so, he delivers an introspective wall of sound that oscillates between shoegaze & dreamy noise with a not so soft spot for all things fuzz.

Duane Serah is an alias hiding Hugues Daro (The Scrap Dealers). Cooped up in a creepy flat, he records his introspective compositions between winter 2014 and spring 2015 and released last October a dramatically spleengaze album on Sick Fuzz Records. Solipsism became band, Duane Serah generates distorted waves whose pinkish foam bathed the listener in a mysteen halo.

Fake Indians - Kalash Morons EP digital

Fake Indians - Kalash Morons EP

Releasedatum: 01.05.2016

Press play on tape! The Kalash Morons EP was recorded live on tape by Dave Houtmeyers at Warehouse Audio. Six noise rockers played as live as possible. Take it or leave it.

Wagonman meets Blaastaal digital

Wagonman meets Blaastaal

Releasedatum: 13.04.2016

5 tracks taken from the Blaastaal radio show @ Radio Centraal, Antwerp (B). Music by Wagonman, words & sound artist & host by Blaastaal. (recorded 29 July 2015, mixed by Peter De Bosschere & Luc Waegeman)

Absurde geluidscollages met samples, tekst, electronica en gebricoleerde gekheid!

Needle and the Pain Reaction - Paper Trails digital

Needle and the Pain Reaction - Paper Trails

Releasedatum: 31.03.2016

5th album "Paper Trails" Check the videoteaser on youtube

Together with the special splattered coloured vinyl release of “Porcupine” and in the slipstream of this album, already there’s a second new album titled “Paper Trails”. This album contains 5 tracks, all together 45 minutes, and is a selection of raw, live impro jams in their own Needle studio, recorded between 2010 and 2015, also the “Porcupine” pre-production period. These almost all instrumental tracks show you Needle’s typical dark atmosphere, as if you’re standing next to them during their jamsessions.

Needle and The Pain Reaction - Porcupine digital

Needle and The Pain Reaction - Porcupine

Releasedatum: 01.03.2016

Dark energetic hook-filled, groovy sonic guitar rock trio from Ghent, Belgium. Rockin’ since 2000, especially known for their strong live reputation and famous guerilla concerts as their tours in Europe and Canada.

Sounds like: The Jezus Lizard, Metz, Helmet, The God Machine, TAD

style: indie groove rock sonic guitar punk alternative

Discography: (all releases on Kinky Star records) CD – ‘Obsessions of an Epic Womanizer’ – March 2004 CD – ‘Pheromone’ – October 2006 CD - ‘Live EP” - February 2008 CD - ‘Stains’ - October 2010 CD/LP - ‘Porcupine - March 2016

New album: Porcupine Their 4th album has much more energy and is more dark and agressive as before. All is recorded, mixed and produced by De Bosschere (drummer) and Luc Waegeman (bass), mastered by Frederik Dejongh (Jerboa).Graphical work and lyrics from Wim Deliveyne’s (guitarist, singer) famous notebook.

Fake Indians - D for Dental / Hot Fag EP digital

Fake Indians - D for Dental / Hot Fag EP

Releasedatum: 07.02.2016

Noise rock slackers from Antwerp. The ‘D for Dental / Hot Fag EP’ features five Lo-fi homedemo(n)s, ranging from psychedelic space to dub and kraut rockers. Released on tape.

MASDA - MASDA cassette digital

MASDA - MASDA cassette

Releasedatum: 18.01.2016

MASDA is Mathias Spriet, Tuur Delodder en Jan Van Den Abbeele “…De band lijkt zich te situeren binnen het post-rock genre, maar trekt zich daar ogenschijnlijk niets van aan. Ze zoeken de grenzen van het genre op zonder meteen te breken met typische kenmerken als lange instrumentale stukken, introspectie, met een belangrijk aandeel voor de gitaar. De experimentele rock uit de jaren 90 behoort tot het DNA van de band. Daarin laten ze veel ruimte open voor een waaier aan elektronische geluiden. Ze creëren ruimte voor avontuur, waarbij ze hun geluid naar de uiterste grens van zijn mogelijkheden blijven sturen….” (Bruno Vandenberghe)

De MASDA cassette is uitgebracht in een oplage van 100 genummerde exemplaren. De nummers zijn opgenomen in de loop van 2015.

MASDA is Mathias Spriet, Tuur Delodder & Jan Van Den Abbeele. The band explores the edges of their possibilities as a rock band. They do so by allowing space for all sorts of sounds combined with grooves and delicate guitar parts.
Undoubtedly the experimental rock of the nineties is a big part of their DNA. So is their love for songs.

The MASDA cassette is limited to 100 numbered copies. The songs were recorded throughout 2015.

Quails - Mechanical Principles digital

Quails - Mechanical Principles

Releasedatum: 18.01.2016

Allebei afkomstig uit Tielt, woonden schuin tegenover elkaar. Jaan(33) woont intussen in Ledeberg en Stephan(31) nog altijd in Tielt. De twee speelden vroeger in bevriende bands van rond het Tieltse en zijn samen muziek beginnen maken in 2012. Quails maakt instrumentale rock/metal. Jaan speelt baritongitaar en Stephan drums.

De band maakt een mengeling tussen rock en metal. Ze gebruiken video’s die hoofdzakelijk uit oude wetenschappelijke experimenten bestaan als leidraad voor hun nummers.

Voor fans van The Dillinger Escape Plan, Tool, Between The Buried And Me, Shellac, Battles, Animals As Leaders,…

Petula Clarck - Alle Apen Vrij !!! digital

Petula Clarck - Alle Apen Vrij !!!

Releasedatum: 11.11.2015

"Alle apen vrij !!!" ("every apes free" is english) is the third album of Petula Clarck, created in a very short time and always with their spontaneous and unique rule: one hour and half to create one song or more, never retouch it and record it like the first shot. These songs are as instinctive as the ones on their previous albums but this time we can feel that they master the process like never before. They’ve pushed their limits further, using loop and bass for the very first time. The duo give us here the proof that their instinct vision of music never has been repressed. Yeah, instinct never lies… and never will!

16 new instinctive tracks Out on november 11th on:

Rockerill Records - Dewane Records - En Vla Records - Et Mon Cul C’est Du Tofu - Attila Tralala - Kinky Star - Windmill Prod.

The Jagged Frequency - The Jagged Frequency EP digital

The Jagged Frequency - The Jagged Frequency EP

Releasedatum: 06.11.2015

These two youngsters are going hard since they dropped their debut EP this summer. With their fuzzed up sound and highly energetic live shows, these spacerockers are aiming for the moon. And beyond.

Energiek rock ‘n’ roll duo dat een garantie vormt voor stevig uit de hand lopende feestjes waarin enig fysiek contact met het publiek niet wordt geschuwd. De Antwerpenaren komen u tegemoet in White Stripes – opstelling (gitaar/drum) en hebben aanstekelijke garagerock in de rugzak.

Eraserhead - Wartapes digital

Eraserhead - Wartapes

Releasedatum: 17.09.2015

Eraserhead’s first brain-wrenching trainwreck of an EP is the result of a two day live session recorded on tape at Warehouse Audio Recordings (hence the name) in Limburg, Belgium. It contains five songs which all lead different lives now but shared the same milk when they were put on this world. The songs sound varied but still function as a whole. The sound of this whole? Powerful yet very playful instrumentals combined with surreal lyrics about moody robots, dada-esque nightmares, intergalactic drunkmanship and hippie girls. Expect heavily distorted guitars and melodic, powerful vocal lines piercing through a more abstract canvas of electronics backed up by a mad drummer who’s accompanied by a rock steady bass.

Witch Trail – Nithera Digital

Witch Trail – Nithera

Releasedatum: 02.09.2015

Witch Trail’s “Nithera” takes the listener through a myriad of sounds. While not being confined to one specific genre, “Nithera” does prefer the darker sides of heavy music. Be it black metal, death metal, sludge or even post punk. This album is intended to make the listener feel surprised or uncomfortable at sudden twists and turns.

Idealus Maximus - Idealus Maximus Digital

Idealus Maximus - Idealus Maximus

Releasedatum: 22.07.2015

The best way to describe Idealus Maximus is a loud ‘n groovy instrumental riff machine. This trio started around 2005 and released their first demo/EP in 2009. It took some time and money to record the first full album “Idealus Maximus”, which was released in 2014. The line-up consisted of Erik (guitar), Pablo (bass) and Fanio (drums). Recently (2015) they had their first line-up change and they started playing with a new bassplayer Jonas,’ cuz Pablo left to live in Seattle. Idealus Maximus is known for their bass-heavy, loud and tight performances which will blow your ears and let your balls shake. So come check them out and don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes to dance away your blues! For fans of Karma To Burn, The Fur, Rotor, Majestic Sun, Tool, Hackman, Kyuss,…

The Glücks - Barefoot Sessions digital

The Glücks - Barefoot Sessions

Releasedatum: 18.06.2015

Bonnie & Clyde psyched out primitive Rock n Roll Garage Fuzz Trash Punk twosome sexplosion!

Massis - Massis digital

Massis - Massis

Releasedatum: 27.04.2015

Massis makes soundtracks for movies that never made it to the big screen.

A 4-piece instrumental band driven by guitars and a well-oiled rhythm section.

Despite their classic line-up, they prefer to travel off the beaten track.

The 4 members love the raw style of the 80ties, when music could still breathe passion instead of being a nice and cosy blanket of comfort.

Butsenzeller - Seqs & Drums & Rockin' Synths digital

Butsenzeller - Seqs & Drums & Rockin' Synths

Releasedatum: 23.03.2015


This album contains besides the elements implied in the title, also self deprecating irritainment, stubborn pigheadedness, fx overloads, polyrhythms, real emotions and other against the stream wackiness. If you can’t handle the artistic outlets of a musical ghostrider, RUN !!!

If you think you do, read on and enjoy the new Butsenzeller album: “Seqs & Drums & Rockin’ Synths” !

The Germans - Are Animals Different digital

The Germans - Are Animals Different

Releasedatum: 26.02.2015

The Germans are back with ‘Are Animals Different’, the successor of ‘Mother Sings in Front of the House’ of 2013. Whereas their previous album still featured modest cult hits such as ‘Lonely Kid’ en ‘A Romanian Crowd’, the new release offers one long 40-minute track in their very own idiosyncratic style split into two neat halves on the sides of a solid piece of vinyl. ‘Are Animals Different’ was recorded quasi live at Studio Jezus by Pascal Deweze (Sukilove, Gruppo di Pawlowski, …), and mixed by Dijf Sanders (himself, Teddiedrum, Violent Husbands, …). The result is now a subtle, then a slithery play of attractive synthscapes, ethnic percussion, freaking out psychedelica, smooth R&B singing and tight motor grooves.

The Fur - The Fur digital

The Fur - The Fur

Releasedatum: 23.02.2015

This is the debut album of ‘The Fur’ released in september 2014. It blends together the stonerrock genre with a heavy splash of `70s spacerock and is fully instrumental with the exception of ‘Expanding Universe’ which features spoken words by Terrence McKenna. The tracks are parts of a big trip through the universe, launching from Earth all the way through the ever expanding void and beyond.

La Jungle - La Jungle digital

La Jungle - La Jungle

Releasedatum: 17.01.2015


La Jungle, duo with six strings and four barrels in deep trance. Large primitive pulsions and sweaty dancing around a huge fire in the middle of the jungle. Two wild savages mix their debacles with few violent ostinatos. Throbbing shamans voices and overlap guitar riffs are supported by a wild and oozing drum.

Drip Dry Man & The Beat Revolver - Fuck & Forget digital

Drip Dry Man & The Beat Revolver - Fuck & Forget

Releasedatum: 24.11.2014

Deze voormalige one man band brengt verre van preutse muziek. Zijn rauwe stem doet ons denken aan Howlin’ Wolf en Tom Waits. Met lyrics over drank, drugs, barfights en verloren liefdes weet deze charismatische figuur ons te entertainen. De vierkoppige band The Beat Revolver voegt het nodige rock & roll gehalte toe.

Petula Clarck & x25x - Split EP digital

Petula Clarck & x25x - Split EP

Releasedatum: 20.10.2014

split EP(12’’) with Petula Clarck, engineered by Nicolas Dick & remixed by Lee Zeirjick, purple vinyl(45rpm),

Track : Saturate (extended version) by x25x

Labels : Rockerill records, Dewane records, lofi record, Attila Tralala, Kinky Star, Tandoori records, Katatak.

Rape Blossoms - Ruinenlust digital

Rape Blossoms - Ruinenlust

Releasedatum: 21.05.2014

Hailing from Ghent, Rape Blossoms play a loop-heavy, discordant brand of post-punk with a visceral, lo-fi noisy spin.

Wagonman - Desire EP digital

Wagonman - Desire EP

Releasedatum: 01.05.2014

Wagonman is the solo studio project of Lucce W. Very much inspired by the punkwave, industrial tribal wave of the early 80’s.